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Chatroom Gaming Schedules and Special Rules

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Chatroom Gaming Schedules and Special Rules

The current method for scheduling games in the chatrooms is through the forums. The Game Room Announcements forum is reserved especially for this. Check in there to see if there are announced games you're interested in joining, or make an announcement for a game your interested in running. 
Be courteous to your fellow gamers. 
Obnoxious players can & will be banned from play. 
Younger players do get involved in these games so please act appropriately.

Entrance to Chat Rooms
Schedule a Game/Room Schedules
Dice Roller Information
Forum/Chat Profile Info

Dice Rolling in the Game Rooms

A special Dice Rolling Program (DyceBot) is available in all of the regular gaming rooms. If a DyceBot is not present in the room when you start to play, you (the GM or one of the players) is welcome to start up a DyceBot for your room. For further information please refer to the DyceBot Information page. Note that this is a java based program and you will need a recent version of java installed on your machine to run it.

The Scheduled Online Gaming Chat Rooms.

These Chat Rooms are only for games that have been scheduled through the Game Room Announcements forum and the Game Room Booking system.Because the Booking System has only recently come online, please check the Announcements forum before reserving a slot. If you play here you will be asked to leave when/if a scheduled gaming time comes up. For every ones convenience there are Seven Regular Gaming Rooms (along with one specifically for Palladium Fantasy games and another for Rifts), and you should be able to find one that is unreserved. Please check the forum first (booking rooms can be done on the spur of the moment simply by booking an unreserved room).

When scheduling a game please make sure to announce which gaming room you are booking for time in. Please. Also be sure to check the other announcements to see if your times conflict.

Note that The Pit can also be booked, and can be booked at any time in advance. However, please to not reserve it for an ongoing campaign, it is meant for one-shot matches.

Special Information for Gaming Rooms

First off read this over carefully if you have a problem with this and don't want to run your game under these conditions please be courteous and delete any future reservations you have for your game.

Important Note:

From time to time these rules may be changed and or updated without warning. It is your duty as a chatter to know these rules and heed them. Ignorance of the rules does not excuse your behaviour and you can and will be banned if the need arises. Bypassing these rules through a bookmark will not give you any legal reason to not follow these rules or any rules which may get updated at any time. You have been duly warned.

Special Scheduled Gaming rules.

  1. Do NOT chat over a game in session. 
    The GMs can and probably will report you to the Monitors and they can and probably will ban you for disrupting the game with chatting or just being a general nuisance. No questions will be asked. You will simply be banned for an undetermined amount of time.
  2. Note that the rules for Chat Rooms in general also apply to all Game Rooms. 
    Do keep it civil and clean as you could have young people playing in your group. However the Gaming rooms will not be as strictly monitored for language and such like the normal chat rooms will be. Being that language is in the nature of the games. But do know your players and what they will tolerate. If your game offends people and we get a report we will speak with that GM and ask his game to refrain and watch its language. In General just be careful of who walks in and know the people you game with.
  3. GMs do not have the right to tell a chatter to leave just because they are lurking and watching the game and not bothering the game. 
    All chatters have the right to watch a game. If a GM tells you to leave for no reason submit a copy of the log showing what happened by going to the help desk and openening a support ticket. GMs you are advised to take a log if you tell people to leave your room as back up for yourself.
  4. Games can and do happen in non game rooms. Give these rooms the same respect as the game rooms. 
    With one Exception; Games are not to be played in Megaversal Nexus, Tavern or Stage. If they do people ARE allowed to chat over the game. Any GM caught telling people to leave or not to chat in Megaversal Rooms will be spoken to and dealt with by the Monitors and/or Palladium Books®.
  5. If you need to report a user for disruption send an email to asaliria (at) or go to the help desk to submit a report: 
    Reports are to include:
    1. Time and Day of incident with your Time Zone.
    2. Name of the person in the chat that is a problem.
    3. Reason for report.
    4. The Chat room the incident occurred in.

Small Q&A

  1. Q: What if someone signs up for a time slot just so they can bring people in there and horse around?
    • A: If we find out this is happening then they will be causing the loss of the scheduled games. We will probably let the GM's know who those people were as well so they can take it up with those people directly.
  2. Q: What if someone signs up for a time slot but they do not show up to play. Can I challenge the slot and get the slot for my gaming group?
    • A: If a GM does not use his time slot for a month and you have been using it for the month. You have the right to challenge the time slot. Send us a note requesting all or part of the time challenged. To win a challenge successfully. You must be able to prove by way of chat logs. Their reservations will then be removed, and you'll have the chance to sign up for their slot.
  3. Q: What if the GM shows up late, after we've started playing?
    • A: If the GM does show up for his game, even late, you have to leave, it's their slot. If you don't leave peaceably or you cause trouble over it and we get a report from the GM, you can and WILL be banned from the rooms. Please feel free to ask more questions and we will endeavor to answer them each on their own.


This is a just a simple reminder. DO not abuse the right to use these chat rooms. This goes especially to the regular chatters because the next thing will inevitably be to close the rooms and I know a good 90% of the chatters do not want to see that happen. So you 90% police these folk yourselves and send us reports. It's our room that we let you use. If you don't help fight the bad element then they win the battle to get the place closed down.

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